How to Schedule

The Ombuds does not provide emergency services. If you have an situation or emergency you believe needs immediate attention, please contact Mason Police and Public Safety at (703) 993-2810 or call 911.  

If you are seeking confidential, impartial, and informal assistance from the Ombudsperson, please contact our office for an initial appointment. 

For your convenience, the Ombuds Office allows appointment scheduling via Calendly. Please be sure not to include any details about the topic of your visit in your reservation.


Book via Calendly.

Calling is always a good way to schedule an appointment. If the Ombuds is not available and you wish to leave a message, please leave your name and phone number only. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.


Call us at (703)993-6596.

Disclaimer: The Office of the University Ombudsperson is not an agent of the University authorized to receive notice of claims, complaints, or grievances against the University unless specifically and expressly required by law. The Office is a confidential resource; please do not communicate confidential information by email or voicemail. Retaliation against anyone for consulting with the Office or against the Ombuds for actions within the scope of their duties as described in the Charter is prohibited.