Services and Programs

The scope of what the Office of the University Ombudsperson is very specific to ensure we can maintain our core values and principles.

Our Services

During or following an initial consultation with a Mason Ombuds, visitors may voluntarily request various kinds of assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Information/Referrals about/to Mason resources, policies, and systems, and referrals to the offices and departments responsible for them
  • Option generation assists visitors in identifying and evaluating options for addressing their concerns
  • Conflict coaching to support personal management of common-place conflict
  • Mediated or facilitated conversation among 2-3 individuals (all parties must meet with the ombuds individually before the conversation is scheduled)
  • Group facilitation by the request of visitors customized to address confidential concerns raised with an ombuds*
  • Customized educational workshops to enhance interpersonal communication or conflict awareness and management strategies (e.g., “What is Conflict and How does it Work?”)*
  • Listening sessions designed to address confidential concerns raised with the ombudsperson*
  • Outreach sessions at the request of visitors to inform a group or unit about the Ombuds Office (e.g., “The Office of the University Ombudsperson: A Campus Resource,” “The Power of Empathy” and “9 Strategies for Managing and Transforming Conflict”)

*The Office of the Ombudsperson, as it deems appropriate, provides group facilitation and educational workshops at the request of visitors working voluntarily on a confidential basis with our office.

Disclaimer: The Office of the University Ombudsperson is not an agent of the University authorized to receive notice of claims, complaints, or grievances against the University unless specifically and expressly required by law. The Office is a confidential resource; please do not communicate confidential information by email or voicemail. Retaliation against anyone for consulting with the Office or against the Ombuds for actions within the scope of their duties as described in the Charter is prohibited.

Mason Resources

The Mason community benefits from and has access to resources and expertise in interpersonal communication, facilitation, and conflict resolution. Our Office acknowledges the presence of these resources at the Mason and supplements their work rather than replacing it. We inform visitors about these resources when it is relevant to their expressed concerns and goals.

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