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The Office of the University Ombudsperson for George Mason University was established in 2022 to provide an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential resource to help foster an environment of respect, honesty, fairness, and integrity and to bolster a supportive working and learning climate at the University.  

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The Ombuds Office is available to the University's faculty, staff, students, and others who are involved with the University, including but not limited to alumni, family members, applicants, patrons, etc., as the University Ombudsperson ("Ombuds") deems appropriate.

The Ombuds Office facilitates communication and assists individuals and entities in forging mutually acceptable pathways forward that are consistent with the Mission and Core Values of the University.


(703) 993-6596 - Buchanan Hall, Suite D170

Disclaimer: The Office of the University Ombudsperson is not an agent of the University authorized to receive notice of claims, complaints, or grievances against the University unless specifically and expressly required by law. The Office is a confidential resource; please do not communicate confidential information by email or voicemail. Retaliation against anyone for consulting with the Office or against the Ombuds for actions within the scope of their duties as described in the Charter is prohibited.

Upcoming Events

Can We Thrive Together in Difficult Times?

Please join us for any one of the confidential facilitated sessions guided by the following questions:

  • How do you see coexistence? What image, person, word, or phrase comes to your mind when you think thriving together in difficulties? 
  • Share an example (personal, professional or any other) where you experienced the power of thriving together? 
  • Reflecting on your example and the narratives you heard, please share what value(s) enabled you to thrive in difficult times? 
  • What is the recipe for building a community that thrives together in difficult situations?

All registered participants will receive a zoom link to join the session. Please register for one of the two sessions using the links below.

May 4, 2023

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


May 8, 2023

12:15pm - 1:15 pm


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Watch the International Ombudsman Association's "Who are Ombuds?" Video

Davidson officially joined Mason in February 2022.